Using the Product Page to Now Find Foods for a Healthier You!

The Now Find Family of Apps was developed to help you find the products that are right for you at your local grocery stores. To help you on your journey, we have included the most up to date product lists and data in the marketplace along with the most information about the products out of any other app! Our App product pages include:


  • Product Pictures– to easily identify the product
  • Dietary Filters– 17 and growing
  • Full Ingredients List– so you know exactly what is in your food!
  • Product Locator URL – Which local stores carry the product you are looking for
  • Category Link to App Category Page– to find substitutions for a product
  • Brand Link to App Brand Page– to find other products from your favorite brands
  • Product Descriptions
  • Package Size and Type– so you can specify which one you would like in your shopping list
  • URL– Direct Link to Food Manufacture’s Website
  • Coupons– everyone likes saving money
  • Personal Notes by product– because sometimes we forget too!
  • UPC Code– so you know you got the correct product


Picture, Description, and More

The Now Find Family of Apps displays all the information you could want about grocery store products, and more! We have been working hard adding new information and are pleased to announce that we are continuing to update our data to the latest and greatest available and almost all the products in our apps have pictures! These allow you to identify which product you are looking for quickly and easily at the grocery store or elsewhere! Below the picture is the first tab called Details, this tab will include a majority of the information you need to identify and locate a product near you. The first thing you will notice in this tab is a description of the product from the manufacturer, we find this especially helpful when searching for new products to try! We also include the package size and type below the description. On top of this, we also include the UPC code for all of our products so you can double check to make sure you grabbed the correct one!

Internal and External Links

Also in the Details Tab, you will find the Brand Name of the product that is a link to the Brand Page in our app. The Brand page has all sorts of great information including other products from that brand and links to the company’s website and product locator when available. Next up in the details tab is the category of the product, which is also a link to that category in our apps. Use this link to quickly and easily find product substitutions for your favorite brand. Below the category link we also include 2 URLs in each of our product records, when available. The first URL is a direct link to the food manufacturer’s website to make it easy for you to explore and interact with a brand further. The Product Locator URL is a direct link to the product locator webpage that makes it easy to find which stores in your area carry the products you are looking for.

Ingredients, Dietary Filters, Coupons, and Notes

In addition to the information provided in the Details tab, we have other tabs with even more! In the next tab over called Ingredients, we include a full ingredients list so you know exactly what is in your food! We are the only dietary lifestyle app that includes all ingredients for all our products. We are also the only app to display all the dietary filters for a product right in the record! Simply select the Dietary Filters tab to view to see if it is right for you. Next to the Dietary Filters tab is the Coupon Tab, this tab will display any coupons that apply to that product in our system. Finally, we have the My Notes tab. This tab contains your personal notes for a particular product that only you can see. To learn more about the Notes Section, click here.


For more tips on using our apps, please click here:  Useful App Tips

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Happy Shopping!

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