family and friends

It can be difficult to fully transition to your new healthy lifestyle when your family and friends don’t also live by the same diet. There are usually a few different paths the conversation can take when explaining your decision to follow an organic diet. There will people who support this change, those who don’t understand it but want to, and those who just downright don’t get or support your decision to live your new lifestyle. It can be difficult to navigate your conversations with the people in your life when it comes to explaining your choice to live organically, what “going organic” entails, and why it’s a beneficial lifestyle to lead. So here are some thoughts to help you break the ice when having those conversations.

A lot of people truly just don’t know what organic means when they see it on products or about farming practices. There are a lot of misinformed ideas about what “organic” means. Some see it as a healthier, plant based, natural diet, while others think adopting an organic lifestyle means only eating flavorless, vegetarian foods. These descriptions can be true of the organic lifestyle, but organic production applies to livestock and other non-grocery products too, and is about much more than just which foods you eat. Organic farming and practices promote taking care of our environment and ourselves by decreasing byproducts of pesticides and unnatural fertilizers, using natural practices to ensure a healthy growing cycle, and creating humane conditions for livestock. And importantly, organic foods are fresher and will often bring more flavor and life to your favorite dishes. It is your job to educate yourself about your organic lifestyle so that you can answer the question that your family and friends will undoubtedly have.

Remember, it’s okay if someone doesn’t agree with or understand this new organic lifestyle you’re choosing to live. Stay positive, stay on course, and stay happy and healthy, knowing that you have the support of the Now Find Organic family. Now Find Organic can help answer any questions or confusions you may have, just check out our mobile app available on the Apple and Google Play stores. You can also browse out website for information about transitioning to an organic lifestyle and delicious recipes you can use to show your family and friends just how tasty organic meals can truly be, while feeling positive about your choices and environment impacts.

If your family and friends have questions, this article may help explain how organic and non-gmo foods are different from conventionally grown food.