When I started thinking about this website and my vision of what it would be, I immediately thought of my friend, Renee. I knew instantly that together we could create something wonderful. With my cooking abilities and her baking we are an amazing team!

I asked her to write something about herself to share with you, so you could get to know her too.

Since I was a teenager, every other job I have had seems to have been in the food industry. My cousin owned a restaurant in town and I bussed, washed dishes, and peeled hundreds of potatoes every Saturday. From there, I worked in a succession of three bakeries, stopping only after I had my first child.

Strangely, as a person who has struggled with math and science her whole life, baking makes perfect sense to me. It also fascinates me and no matter how much I bake, it never gets old. I have baked since I was a little girl with my mom. She is a great baker is still asked by people to make desserts that she made when I was young. I learned a lot in my mom’s kitchen about baking, love and sharing with others. I try to share what I learned with my children. Sometimes they think I am more than a little crazy when I call them into the kitchen to see the moment when sugar and butter turn into toffee or to see cream puffs rise in the oven.

I love everything about baking, from reading and developing recipes, mixing and blending, the smells and textures, to people’s smiles and surprise that come from eating delicious gluten free desserts.

Baking has always been a form of stress relief for me. I often bake everyday. When I am not baking, you can find me researching or travelling to find new and delicious gluten free desserts. I am definitely one of those people who loves to curl up with a great cookbook and read away!

When I married my husband, who has Celiac’s disease, I had to completely change the way I thought of baking. At first, I was stumped and nothing made sense. My first attempts at baking gluten free were not very successful. I read everything I could find about being gluten free. I baked and baked and baked. My family was very supportive and tasted everything I made. With every disaster, I learned and my baking gradually improved.

Now I have been baking gluten free for so long, I can’t ever imagine baking any other way. There is a comfort in knowing exactly what goes in to what we are eating and being able to enjoy food without worry.

I will never get tired of the magic of baking and am so happy to be able to share my experiences and recipes with you.