Jessica MacDonald

The mother of five children, Jessica spent years devoted to family. When the children were all in school Jessica began her career in the arts. As a professional photographer Jessica was able to meet amazing people and help capture and share their most joyous events. Four years ago, Jessica was given a diagnosis that forced her to change the way she thought about food entirely. She was gluten intolerant and needed to give up gluten completely!

Being thrust into the gluten free world was overwhelming. With no knowledge and just a smartphone she would wander through the grocery store aisles for hours trying to unravel the myriad of food labels unpronounceable mystery ingredients in every box, can or package.Jessica Chefs Jacket[1]

Jessica was able to lose a significant amount of weight, her cholesterol and sugar levels improved significantly, allowing her to stop taking prescription medications that she was told would be necessary forever.  Her RA has improved dramatically and inflammation is now controllable through diet and exercise. Seeing the changes in Jessica and Justin, people starting asking Jessica to help them unravel the mystery for them too. Jessica realized that there was a need for everyday people to understand what was in their food as well, whether by necessity or choice. Hence, was born the idea for the apps that we are offering for you today.