organic produce

Now that you know you want to live an organic lifestyle, you should figure out the best place to get your organic foods. Although there are always organic food sections convenient to you at your local grocery store, I encourage you to try eating local organic produce. There are so many benefits to going to your local farmer’s market and loading up on fresh, organic produce for your family.

Buying local organic produce can…

Provide Greater Nutritional Value

Local produce does not have to travel as far to get to you, which means that it spends less time in transit to the grocery store, and more time on the vine. The organic produce that is in your supermarket has been harvested early to account for the time spent in transit before it reaches its ripest state. Its local counterpart spends more time growing, and is harvested at peak ripeness ensuring maximum flavor and nutritional value.

Support the Local Economy and Community

The money you spend on local produce stays close to home, and is reinvested in your local economy. This creates a cycle of supporting the community and family businesses that make it unique. This means that you can continue to benefit from the cycling of your dollar through other local services and products.

Promote Ecological Health and Biodiversity

Local farms tend to partake in smaller batch farming, which in turn provides more care for the environment and ecosystem surrounding the farm. Crop turn over and overall crop health is easier to attend to in smaller batches, and organic farming considers the specific soil quality and ecological health of the community. It also provides an array of fresh, seasonal produce because the crops are always rotating for optimal soil health and provides a great variety of options when produce is in season.

Reduce Cost and Carbon Footprint

The cost and carbon foot print of local produce is lower simply because your produce has less mileage to travel from farm to table. Without the cost and environmental impact of heavy freight long hauls, both you and your local farmers can enjoy the lower cost and higher profit margin resulting in reducing food transit costs.

Foster a Sense of Community and Clarity on Growing Practices

One of my favorite parts of buying locally from my farmer’s market is having the ability to meet and get to know the people supporting my community. Oftentimes, these smaller farmers have family run operations, which means their standards for growing and product quality are higher. Their family is eating the same produce they are selling you. It also gives me an opportunity to ask questions about farming practices if I have any confusion or doubts, which has proved to be extremely informative for me during my transition in a more organic lifestyle.

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