Anna is a 24 year old college student living and working in Evanston, Illinois. Her interest in clean, natural diet and lifestyle choices began out of necessity after a slow but persistent deterioration of her health. Enjoying all things indulgent in her first two years of college, she regularly engaged in its traditions: cheap wine, pizza, anything with the word “fried” before it, and many late nights studying and communing with friends. After picking up one too many microbes during travels abroad, suddenly these things were no longer an option. What began as a dive into nutrition and dietary choices soon expanded into a complete re-evaluation of her relationship to food and the mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges that go along with it. She is now a year and half into a healing process that has taken many twists and turns, forgoing the idea that there is a finish line to chronic digestive issues and instead focusing on the the importance of taking the journey meal by meal, day by day, and breath by breath. She loves sharing her experiences with others with the goal of giving anyone who might need it the hope and camaraderie necessary to finding greater health and well-being.

Annas Story
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Anna's Story

I’ve always loved food. From my time as an infant chugging watered down apple juice to my senior year of high school scarfing down burgers and chocolate milkshakes with...

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To Coffee or Not To Coffee? A love story.

Anna Coffee

In January of 2017, I reached the point where the...

zucchini noodles
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The Grass is Always Greener. Or is it?

A side effect of my dietary restrictions is that I’m in...

anna's corner
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The Importance of Being Angry


Many older and wiser than myself have ruminated on the...

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Getting Creative in the Kitchen

I didn’t realize how much fun cooking could be until I had to. While I’ve always been interested in cooking, I tended to stick with very basic dishes:...

eating with allergies
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The Art of Eating with Allergies

If cooking is my time for experimentation and expression, eating is my time for appreciation and contemplation. When cooking, I let myself give in to impulses and allow my mind...

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The Brunch Experiment

A note from Now Find Foods:

This piece is about Anna's personal experience and journey. We respect Anna's creative process and we understand and empathize with her...

wherever you go, moving
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Wherever You Go, There You Are

I recently made a big life transition. I graduated from college and moved from Chicagoland to La-La-Land. Generally, change of any kind is stressful in a big way. I love...