Using the Search Bars to Now Find Foods for a Healthier You!

The Now Find Family of Apps has a few different search bars strategically placed in areas of the app.

Global Searches

The primary search bar is the Global Search Bar located on the homepage of the app. This search scans through all the records in your app including:

  • Product Name
  • Brand Name
  • Ingredients list

A great way to use the Global Search is to search for particular ingredients that certain products contain. To start identifying products that have a specific ingredient, simply use the Global Search Bar to find all the products that contain that ingredient. Give the products a Thumbs Up to add them to your Like List or give products a Thumbs Down to put them on your Dislike List if you wish to avoid them. In addition to this, we always recommend contacting a food manufacturer directly whenever there are any questions about food ingredients and allergies.


We also like to use the global search function for those quick checks to see if something is right for you! We find it especially helpful when eating at other people’s houses and family events. It’s the perfect way to quickly check if you can safely have that bowl of snacks that just got put out.


Other Searches

The secondary search bars are in the Products, Brands, and Categories sections of the apps at the top of the lists. These searches are specific to the part of the app you are in. The Brand Search only searches the Brand Name, The Product Search only searches the Product Name, and the Category Search only searches the Categories.

For more tips on using our apps, please click here:  Useful App Tips


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Happy Shopping!

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