Organic Turkey for Thanksgiving

In October, we are consumed with finding the perfect Halloween costume and arguing about what the best trick-or-treat candy is for this year. As far as the candy goes, I don’t believe that my family will ever come to an agreement. Thanksgiving just seems so far away. But it really, isn’t. I used to always forget about ordering my organic turkey for Thanksgiving before November. Luckily, after almost missing out on my turkey last year, I set up a notification on my phone for this year.

Try to get your order in by the last week of October, or sooner if possible, to avoid the mad scramble and panic of finding an organic turkey the weeks before Thanksgiving.

So, now that the timing is right, where can you find organic turkeys? Depending where you live, it may take some research. Local organic farms are the best option if you would like a never frozen bird. It is also great to support small local organic farms or butcher shops whenever possible. If there are no organic farms or butcher shops in your area, check with your local grocery stores.

National grocery store chains that specialize in organic food, like Whole Foods, are also a good choice. Whole Foods offers organic turkeys as well as organic side dishes. You may be able to order your entire organic Thanksgiving dinner from them.

If neither one of those options works for you, a quick internet search will show you options for online companies that ship organic turkeys. Check if their turkeys are certified organic or natural. Not all companies use the word “natural” equally.

There is so much to fuss over during the holidays, ordering your organic turkey should not be one. Even if you are unsure of your guest count, order one today. If you don’t have a good guest count, order one bird larger than you think you will need. Because leftover turkey is never a bad thing!

Need ideas for delicious Thanksgiving dishes? Please visit our recipe page.

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